Configurable Modules

The variety of available modules allows X2/Framework ERP to be configured to suit organizations in different areas of business.

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting is a group of optional modules that provide quick access to facts and figures required for running a modern business. The General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Account Payable modules integrate seamlessly with operational modules to perform day-to-day accounting to track key performance indicators, publish reports and consolidate accounts.


Inventories are key to the modern business where X2/Framework ERP provides precise control from multiple warehouse to individual bin level. Whether the business accounts on FIFO or Average Costs levels, or a combination of both, X2/Framework ERP keeps track of incoming, reserved and outgoing stocks.


No matter if sales transactions are generated from a web shop, taken over the phone or received through EDI, X2/Framework tracks sales at a detailed and summary level. Dashboards provided up-to-the-second insights on sales activity and exceptions where a hands on effort is required to save a sale.


Purchase Orders and Invoices are matched against incoming deliveries to ensure products are accounted for at every level. Multiple supplier price list are managed at the product SKU level. Reports and analysis are provided by Supplier or groups or categories of suppliers.


It is in the workshop most businesses perform their work and is central to modules feeding off business transactions. X2/Framework Workshop module caters for simple work orders or fully detailed job card tasks. Messaging notifies clients when jobs are complete and the required sales and accounting transactions are generated. Schedule jobs based on individuals or work bays for daily, weekly and monthly overviews of available resources.


A business’s catalog of products and services describes what a company buys and sells. X2/Framework matches products to vendor codes and current inventories. Multiple prices lists can be published to different sales channels to ensure resellers are focused on selling products on-hand.

 Agile Development

Agile Development

X2/Framework focuses on the development of large scale business applications that are to be used over many years, transitioning trends in technology and business practices. The applications are used in mission critical environments where downtime leads to loss of business. As a result X2/Framework deploy design and implementation methodologies that extend beyond simple develop and deploy. Developed from scratch as a browser-based ERP, X2/Framework is one of the most modern enterprise platforms for the medium sized organisation.


Deploy in the cloud or host your own, X2/Framework is just as comfortable on Windows as it is on Linux servers. X2/Framework is entirely based on the X2/Framework Runtime providing rapid development and JIT compilation so your servers only exercise the program code required for your operation. Besides internally controlled technology, X2/Framework leverages open technologies from Bootstrap user interfaces to MySQL or MariaDB databases.
Linux on Power 8
Linux on Power 8
IBM Power Systems
Local or Cloud
Local or Cloud
Local or Cloud
Local or Cloud
Microsoft Windows Server


Access online documentation for all the details.

Request a demonstration system to get familiar with the basic features.

From the Blog

  • X2 at IBM Conference

    Danish reseller FuturaData participates at IBM’s annual Power conference with X2/Framework ERP.  

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    Release 2533

    New Features IBM POWER 8 X2/Framework now runs on Linux on IBM Power Systems. Linux on IBM POWER 8 use high end OpenPower processors for the most demanding workloads. X2/Framework on IBM Power allows for virtually unlimited performance in a scale-up or scale-out scenarios. Customer Portal Improvements Customers may now download previous statements from the […]

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  • Release 2520

    New Features GL Reporting Improvements Continued improvement of the filters and options on may GL reports including the Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Account Balance Report & GST Report.

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    Release 2508

    New Features Serial Tracking as point of sale Serial numbers can now be entered at the point of Sale rather than the receiving point. This allows for either full serial tracking throughout the supply chain process or just from the sales point where serial numbers might only be capture for warranty purposes. Industry recording for […]

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  • X2 in Danish

    Danish company FuturaData ( has been busy since signing up as an X2/Framework Value Added Reseller adopting the system for Denmark. Almost the entire suite of ERP applications have now been localized. Adding further language support makes X2/Framework to a wider audience of customers. Contact FuturaData for an evaluation of X2/Framework in Denmark.    

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    Web-based ERP for Linux on IBM Power

    X2/Framework ERP is now available on Linux on IBM Power. X2/Framework ERP is the business solution developed from scratch for web browser access providing businesses with comprehensive ERP functionality. Due to its scalability and licensing terms, X2/Framework can be deployed in networks of associated dealers, franchises, head-office and subsidiaries with a combination of local and […]

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  • Release 2484

    New Features New Reorder Review Report The reorder review report allows for review of inventory levels with access to common data required to make reordering decision such as historical sales, outstanding sales and purchase orders and current inventory levels. This is an initial release only and will be further enhanced in later releases to add […]

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    Release 2481

    New Features CRM feature additions Various CRM fields have been added to Contact including lead source, sales lifecycle stage, lead status & marketing opt-out. This is the beginning phase of a much large round of CRM improvements to X2. HTML Emails Many X2 emails have been converted to HTML format including user invites, password resets […]

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  • Release 2457

    New Features Budget & Forecast Reporting Improvements The ability to add both Budget & Forecasts now exist for the General Ledger, additional forecasting and budget report have been created as well as upgrades to the Budget vs Actual reports.

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    Release 2444

    New Features Multiple Email Address Email address fields now support multiple email addresses. Also allow cc: & bcc: prefix. This is useful for customer statement and invoice email address fields.

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  • Release 2441

    New Features Consolidated Inventory Enquiry Inventory enquiry can now be run consolidate across multiple warehouse. This gives a consolidated view of inventory figures across all warehouse. A new Summary page allows quick viewing of inventory details across multiple warehouse and warehouse areas.

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    Release 2434

    New Features Reporting Improvements Addition of new reports Account element report, Accounts report and DIFOT Reports, upgrade of many reports to latest X2 UI reporting standards, and addition of many new filters and group by options.

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  • Release 1933 now available

    Release 1933 is now available with incremental improvements for excel export and printed job cards. Improved Grid Excel Export Grid export is now based on the same Excel engine used for standard reports, this will provided better formatted output as well as performance improvements. Initially users will notice little different aparce from quicker exports and […]

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    Release 1929 now available

    The first X2/Framework release of 2015 is full of new improvements. Ability to set reminders A new reminder system allows reminders to be created for any reason. This could be registration checks, customer credit follow up, final payment reminders etc. Different reminder types may be setup for each purpose. Job cards, sales orders & sales invoices […]

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  • Bank Settlements

    The latest  build of Aware includes improved bank reconciliation’s via a new Bank Settlement feature. Bank Settlements is especially userul for organisations with multiple retail locations that receive or pay large amounts of cash, cheques or EFFTPOS. The new bank settlement features include: Definition of Bank Settlement Groups defining how banking transactions are settled by the bank into bank statement […]

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    Release 1714

    Major improvements to upgrade infrastructure. Upgrade infrastructure will allow more frequent releases ensuring customers timely access to corrections and new releases. High availability update server, highly fault tolerant. New release/build numbering. Ability to match supplier deliveries from Purchase Invoice Maintenance page. Purchase invoice maintenance has a new Delivery expander allowing the matching of deliveries directly […]

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  • Multi Warehouse

    Aware allows for operation of multiple warehouses within an organisation. Inventory is held by warehouse. Most documents (Sales Orders, Sales Invoices, Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices, Shipments, Deliveries etc.) require a warehouse to be identified for the transaction. All inventory related transactions are recorded by warehouse. Most inventory related, purchase and sales related reports allow filtering […]

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    Managing and Using Contacts

    The Contacts feature in the system allows adding people and linking people against entities (customers, suppliers) and tracking transactions (sales, purchases, job cards etc.). Contacts are separate from customer or suppliers but are related to them through links. A contact can be linked to multiple customers and suppliers.   Working with Contacts. Contacts are easier […]

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  • Customer Shipments

    The new Customer Shipments Activity allows for tracking and invoice of shipments to customers. The first release of shipments has been designed to suit particular work flows in particular suiting industries that ship bulk product such as the mining and scrap metals industries , over time we will be enhancing the functionality of shipment to suite work flows of […]

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    Automated Upgrades

    I have been meaning to post about this subject for quite some time as this feature has been available for for a long time but not always used. This feature has been enhanced quite recently so now is a great time to describe the feature in more detail. X2/Framework upgrades are very simple for users whether […]

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